Arms Around the Ball: The personal legacy of Tim Duncan


What is left to say about Tim Duncan? Everyone and their grandmother has been talking about him lately; how he’s underrated, under appreciated, phenomenal, transcendent. It seems as if there is nothing new to add other than perspective, and I know my point of view, just like yours, is as unique and rare as the man and his team. The San Antonio Spurs did something few teams in any sport have done; making their opponent seem relatively unimportant and somewhat meaningless. Despite Kawhi Leonard’s much deserved MVP honors, Duncan remains the center of it all. He has led this franchise for 17 years, and yet I almost missed out on the greatest NBA player since Michael Jordan. Continue reading


Spring Training 2012

It’s that time of year again. Clichés aside, the 2012 edition of one of baseball’s oldest customs begins this Friday in Florida and Arizona. After another wild offseason of jaw-dropping signings many questions certainly seem to arise. Some will be answered during this month of exhibitions and others will not. Here are a few things that I will be looking out for. Continue reading

It’s the Super Bowl XLVI (sixth round) PICKS!

We’re two days away from the biggest day of the NFL year: Super Bowl XLVI. With the game just around the corner, we here at Sixth Round Picks wanted to get our picks on the record. Daniel, Mitchell, Michael and Brian whipped up a few paragraphs each on the game to share their opinions. Before getting into the picks themselves, we thought it would be good to give a breakdown of the matchup. I know everyone here came for the picks, but we’d like to prepare you for Sunday’s action as well. Continue reading

NFL Championship Sunday

Championship Sunday is once again upon us and it has me in great anticipation. I’m still reeling from that fantastic finish by the Bay last weekend. Are we in store for another borderline instant-classic this time around? One can only hope.

In a season filled with constant aerial assaults (10 quarterbacks reached the plateau of 4000 yards passing) it seems rather peculiar that two of the four teams still in the playoffs are ranked 19th (Baltimore) and 29th (San Francisco) in passing offense. This is a testament to the balance these teams have and makes for two very intriguing matchups with the great offense vs. great defense storylines. Continue reading

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Picks: Michael Style!

So after Brian flawlessly picked last week (you know, except for that Tebow game…) it’s now my turn to pick the winners of the NFL’s Divisional Round. This week we have 3 amazing match-ups and one, well, one that Baltimore will definitely win. Since most of you have already read copious amounts of playoff picks by this point, I’m going to keep these short and brief. Here we go! Continue reading

Where we stand in the NBA: Sixth Round Picks’ Power Rankings

It seems like only yesterday that the NBA finally opened its doors for a slightly abbreviated 66-game season that began with five great games on Christmas day (well four great games and one immensely underwhelming Finals rematch). The reason it feels that way is because it really hasn’t been that long. Despite this it feels like so much has happened already and the NBA season’s picture is surprisingly coming into focus very early. Because of that I feel it only fair that I give my personal NBA power rankings, in reverse order. Continue reading

Playoff picks: Three good games… and one with Tim Tebow.

The first week of the playoffs always leads to some interesting matchups. The one- and two-seeds, the consistent, well-rounded teams get a week off and what we’re left with is a confusing blend of “How did they even get here?” teams (read: 9-7 Cincinnati Bengals and 8-8 Denver Broncos) and “How the heck do they not have a bye week” teams (12-4 Steelers as a 5-seed, 13-3 Saints as a 3-seed).

As the title of the article suggests, I think there are three good games coming up this week… and one with a vastly overrated team coming off a three-game losing streak with a QB completing less than half of his passes. We should get all kinds of football, and I believe that every team in the playoffs stands a chance of winning their game. That said, let’s get to the picks. Continue reading

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